Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My thoughts on Obama and Socialism

Obama's Neo-soviet poster lampooned...

my little satire on Socialism:

Our Father who is in the democrat party,
Protect us from the great Ecopalypse of the prophet Gore (he who hath a private jet and many mansions).
And stop the rising of the seas with your charm and presence,
Cleanse us of our sins of Wealth and Success
of Clean streets and Mc Donalds
of low infant mortality
and opportunity to improve ourselves and rise from the gutter

Pray, let us all be equal in mediocrity and low pay
in underachievement and simmering resentment of those who remain still richer,
more gifted or hard-working than us
And lead us not into wealth or self-love
Help us surrender to our enemies,
domestic and international
And flagellate ourselves for being imperfect
and bow before wonderfully sordid and cruel dictators
who have the courage of our lack of convictions.

And let us not liberate nations from cruel despots,
but let us celebrate them as examples of diversity,
cruelty and death,
misogyny, feudalism and hatred.
and lead us not into light and truth and joy
but into murkiness and relativism and cynisism
And may our death-wish be realised
and all of us be equal
in an amorphous mass of misery for All !

If you consider yourself a socialist, don't take this personally - I differentiate between people and ideas. I attack the idea, not the person. Feel free to shoot down the free-market - I can take it.

It's a bit strange that Obama is blaming the Financial crisis on the Bush administration, when in fact Bush and others warned about Fannie & Freddie undercapitalization back in 2003; And it was groups such as Obama's ACORN which pressured banks into dangerous lending. He's a smooth talker and at times a blatant liar (eg above) ...

If he ever does realize his dream of being the New Messiah (says Oprah) and changing murdering dictators into reasonable and civilized people by sheer force of his charm and divinity over a cup of tea and a biscuit;

They will take him for a fool (just as Hitler took Chamberlain for a fool and was emboldened to invade Poland, and Stalin deceived FDRoosevelt) and run circles around him. Diplomacy is more about leverage (military power and the will to use it) than empty talk and charm. most of the world is rather less civilized than a Chicago coffee shop or a Harvard debate.

An electrician, supermarket executive or similar would be better suited to the job of presidency given the haughty narcissism and ethereal ungrounded naivete of the Harvard crowd (and sadly, most of Academia these days).
he is also an messianic idol, worshipped by pagans who are filling a need they have for the Divine, which they have thrown out with the bathwater in their Brave New Secular anti-Jesus World. Problem is, he is beholden to no superior divine power – he is a God unto himself (We are the change we’ve been waiting for – goes the motto of his followers).

A bit like in France where the State has replaced God and is supposed to be all-wise and infallible, when in fact French technocrats know bugger-all about market economics and big state firms regularly go bankrupt.

Change ? tax and spend Socialism isn’t change – it’s a well-established social and economic failure, compared to low tax and regulations states, everywhere it’s been established. And the more “pure” it is, the worse the results (see Zimbabwe for the result of redistributing properties to the poor and Mugabe’s friends).

If he does get in, I hope he's a fast learner, and that not too many countries have to be invaded by ambitious dictators before he realises the true rough and tumble nature of world politics.

May he apply his socialism to the full so that it fails dismally, so that we can be rid of the idea once and for all (until the next group amnesia), that state-coerced utopianism and state-driven economies have anything to offer us.


Marcus said...


I will try to be very diplomatic in my comments on this blog: you are talking utter crap. (But thank God for the Internet and blogging, where the freedom of expression finally thrives...)

Best regards from your loving brother...

(Don't take any of this too seriously...)

Marcus said...

BTW, I assume you meant Apocalypse, not Ecopalypse...

Marcus said...

P.S. your scan of the New York Times is unreadable...