Monday, September 29, 2008

Europe the Sinking Titanic V. Putin the Poisoner

I post these things in the hope that my drop in the ocean may contribute to the waking up of Europeans... and those who naively wish to Europeanise Australia or their own country. massive welfare, no guiding moral compass and no understanding of the dangerousness of the world (Putin, Saddam etc) is a recipe for suicide.
As it was in the 1930s when Hitler rose to power confronted with pacifist European nations.

Those of you who live in Europe (you know who you are) be warned - if drastic attitude changes are not made, the future of Europe in a decade will be about as attractive as the present of Beirut.
I would advise those who can to immigrate, en masse... maybe this will wake up the Elites and useful idiots like John Le Carre and Chirac. But I doubt it. They will continue with the same tired old slogans "war is not the answer", "all cultures are equal" , "If the US unilaterally withdraws from (fill the gap -south Korea, Irak, supporting Israel, protecting international sea lanes, protecting Taiwan and the rest of free asia and Australasia...) then the opposition will drop their arms and walk home" . And Rome will burn while they play their violins.

All of former Soviet colonies are under barrel of the gun again, and they can feel that old familiar chill going up their spines. The peoples of Poland, the Ukraine and Georgia are not looking to France, Germany or Britain for help. There is no help to be found there. They are just looking to the United States. Europe's failure to grow up as a responsible power, able and willing to protect its own Eastern neighbors, is a profound betrayal of its own best values, not to mention its own self-destructive history.

President Saakashvili of Georgia said it: "Who else can stand up for liberty in the world?" He was talking about the United States. But that's giving Europe a pass they don't deserve. Europe has all the means to stand up for liberty in the world. What they lack is the guts, the crucial will to defend themselves and their fellow members of the European Union. The welfare state has siphoned off the money needed for a working European military. It has also sapped the will to survive. Britain's supine surrender to Iran's kidnapping of half a dozen sailors under the very guns of a British warship tells the whole story. Queen Victoria would be rightly ashamed. (...)

Now Putin is a classic bully, who keeps testing the limits of his power. So he started with killing his domestic opponents, assassinating journalists, nationalizing industries, and chilling the Russian media. Small stuff. Then he proceeded to poison KGB traitors in London and Ireland, trying to kill the Ukraine's President Yushchenko, and invading Georgia. Those are only the high points; behind the scenes you can bet there's a lot more.

After every Russian shove Europe backs down. Worse than that, it let itself to be bought off. The worst example is our friend former Chancellor Herr Gerhardt Schroeder, who got himself a top job with Russia's Gazprom energy company right after he passed a sell-out energy treaty through the German parliament. That'll teach Putin how to deal with Europe. ( I thought it was Bush who was after money - silly me).

Whatever Europe does it does partly out of fear, partly out of calculation, and partly out of vanity. The vanity part burst out at the United States after the Cold War --- which, remember, crunched all those imperial egos in Paris and Berlin, London, Stockholm and Brussels. European capitals have been the center of an empire; they cherish an imperial past and indulge in sheer self-puffery. Moscow, London, Berlin, Paris -- Europe's grandiosity is amazing. So they secretly hated being dominated by the dumb Americans for the whole Cold War, even if it saved their necks. If you doubt it, just read British spy novelists like Graham Greene and John Le Carre, both seething leftie America-haters who used to work in the Brit government.

Our media and Democrats may not remember this, but seven years ago the United States was attacked by Islamofascist terrorists, who killed nearly 3,000 people in NYC and DC. NATO is a mutual defense pact, which translates as "we help you and you help us." NATO has kept Europe secure for sixty years. But it's all been one-way -- we've defended them with the Berlin Airlift, by building up European armies, in proxy wars in the Middle East, Korea and Vietnam, and in finally by getting the Soviets to let go of their European colonies, when Ronald Reagan gently pushed them into a nervous breakdown. We've done our share. What did Europe do after 9/11? Other than raging at the victim?

Well, here's an honest European's opinion, Matthias Doepfner, the CEO of the Axel-Springer publishing group:

"These days, Europe reminds me of an old woman who, with shaking hands, frantically hides her last pieces of jewellery when she notices a robber breaking into a neighbour's house. Appeasement? That is just the start of it. Europe, thy name is Cowardice."

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